Old World Craftsmen On The Leading Edge of Technology

About Us

Delta Research began in 1952 as a prototype transmission and powertrain developer for the Big 3 automotive industry. Founder, Alex Sakuta, built a strong foundation for the company by providing outstanding quality & design and build projects.

His legacy lives on through our current owner (and son), Bob Sakuta. Bob started working for Delta in 1978 and has taken the organization to new levels and has grown the company from ten employees to over one-hundred.

Now with the addition of Delta Gear, (formerly Tifco Gage & Gear) to the team, Delta Research has positioned itself as the premier prototype transmission, engineering and powertrain facility in the industry.

  • Bob Sakuta, President
    With over 3 decades of experience at the sister company to Delta Gear, Delta Research, Bob Sakuta has worked and witnessed countless prototype and leading edge, gear-related projects where time to market was critical and quality was paramount. In 2004, Bob purchased Delta Gear (formerly known as Tifco Gage & Gear) and began building it into the world-class gear facility that it is today. Currently, Bob manages the executive teams in the Delta Family of Companies and continues to be the visionary of the future for them.

  • Stan Marculewicz, Machining Manager
    Stan started with Delta Research over 3 decades ago as a milling technician. Over the years, his long-term experience dealing with process engineering, difficult to machine components and tight tolerances has earned him the leadership position to head Delta’s machining teams. There isn’t much Stan can’t do with a precision CNC mill.

  • Carlo Apollinari, Lead Programmer and Designer
    Carlo has over 25 years experience in machining and the programming of CNC machines and computer aided design. Since 1995, Carlo has been working at Delta Research modeling components, developing CNC machining programs and designing fixtures and tooling. Carlo is the most tenured of the 4 programmers at Delta Research.

  • Tony Werschky, Sales/Partner
    Tony actively works to illustrate the tremendous capabilities of Delta Gear. As a graduate of Miami University and with considerable experience in sales, manufacturing and small business development, Tony has brought a fresh approach to sales at Delta Gear. Tony works as the main liaison between Delta Gear, its sister company Delta Research and their customers. He helps with providing job quotes for customers as well as helping manage large projects. As part of the key management team, Tony gives input on all levels of the business.

  • Scott Sakuta, Operations/Partner
    Like his father, Scott Sakuta grew up with Delta Research, spending summers running machines and learning the business. Today, he is the Director of Operations at Delta Gear and a Partner of the Delta Family of Companies. Scott is instrumental in the overall management of Delta Gear. On a day-to-day basis, Scott oversees each department at Delta Gear, provides solutions to day-to-day issues, improves overall quality and process capability to the company, develops and applies key process controls to improve the business and manufacturing methodology. As part of the executive team at Delta Gear and Delta Research, Scott helps to manage all facets of the business.